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The Necessity of Walking, object-happening, 2021

For one week I roamed through the city of Potsdam as part of the Localize Potsdam festival. I was inspired by the many objects that were scattered across the streets so I decided to use these 'wasted' elements to create various shoes in which I walked until they fell apart. This experiment led me to the realization that necessity can be a powerful tool for pushing our creative boundaries. In a world drowning in waste, the urgency to repurpose, reimagine, and redefine our relationship with the material becomes apparent. Each step taken in those shoes, each creation born from discarded elements, was a deliberate act of defiance against the throwaway culture that permeates our society. In a society that often encourages excess and disposability, we must cultivate a mindset that encourages us to extract meaning from the overlooked and the discarded. By challenging ourselves to look beyond the obvious function of objects, we not only breathe new life into the forgotten but also contribute to a paradigm shift in our relationship with the world.

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