'Weapon of Flash Destruction', installation-performance, 2021

For Magnificent Migraine Festival I was invited to research the relationship between migraine and flashing lights. I've never experienced migraine firsthand but I did see how it effected my mother when growing up. She would isolate herself in her room which was always completely dark. When we are in pain while among other people we often try to hide this pain as much as we can. But when you are alone you can let this pain float through your entire body and face. I wanted to capture these pure facial expressions of pain which we only show when isolated. I build this Weapon of Flash Destruction, which consists of one camera and three intense construction lights that are connected to one switch. By flashing the lights before taking a picture of people, it becomes possible to capture the discomfort they're experiencing. Their expressions are pure because just for a few seconds they are covered with this cloak of light, which isolates them from their surroundings.