Homo Habilis of the 21st century,
Graphic Designer, Artistic Mentor
& Visual Artist


Within his artistic practice Stef Lemmens is paving a way through the digital media which overwhelms us every day. By manipulating online images, video’s or texts, he wants to slow down the way in which we perceive this media. Through this delay the viewer is invited to dive in and search for something which was not visible at first.
For each work a new method is constructed in which certain aspects of our digital age are often exaggerated, such as our desire to film all experiences, the fast and smooth swiping through images, influencers and their true nature, the untouchability of online hate speech, first online impressions, the transparency of hashtags, infinite timelines and the power of online identities over our self-image.
Each method originates from the inability to cope with these digital applications without feeling estranged. By appropriating these digital acts and using them in a different manner Stef Lemmens wants to explore what other meanings they can have for us. By using the negative aspects of this media against itself, it becomes again possible to look at them from a new, positive perspective.
“The CD, it doesn’t wear down, even if you use it. It is frightening. It is like you have never used it at all. Like you didn’t exist. If the objects don’t wear down because of the contact you have with it, you are dead.”
- Jean Baudrillard
2018 - MA Visual Arts, PXL-MAD Faculty, Hasselt
2017 - BA Visual Arts, PXL-MAD Faculty, Hasselt
2016 - Erasmus, Arte y Diseño, UPV/EHU, Leioa
2020 - Ithaka Arts Festival, Stadsvilla, Leuven
2020 - Moving Backwards, Maison Florida, Hasselt
2019 - Without the first, the second would not be there, CCHA, Hasselt
2019 - SABOTAGE, Dommelhof, Pelt
2018 - BIT ROT, CCHA, Hasselt
2018 - Päper ShØp, Hasselt
2018 - EXIT, CCHA, Hasselt
2017 - MoMeNT, Tongeren
2016 - Expo, PXL-MAD, Hasselt
2016 - Exchanging Connection, ZAWP, Bilbao