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Step by Step, object-happening, 2020-...

'Step by Step' is a project by Elke Cuppens and Stef Lemmens in which a ladder was placed in between two companies of Quartier Canal (the industrial zone of Hasselt). The supervisor of each company was invited for a three course vegan meal, made by a local food enthusiast. After each course the guests had to ascend one step on the ladder to receive the next meal.

In our first try-out we invited Dries Pierre from nightclub Muziekodroom and Ward Dumon from repair service Servilux to enjoy their lunch break together. Normally they only meet for business talk, but within the playful atmosphere of 'Step by Step' they were able to talk about the unspoken. By climbing their way up to the dessert, they literally get closer to each other. 

After the COVID-19 lockdown we decided to use this ladder once again. We invited people for a dinner night with a friend they hadn’t seen in a long time. The-first-course-table happened to be around 1.5 meters long which is the distance we were meant to keep from each other during the pandemic. With this ladder friends were able to connect with each other again, step by step. 

In 2023 the ladder found a new home at the Nomad City project. Here it was installed over the fence that is seperating the UCLL University from the neighborhood surrounding it. Every few weeks we invited one person from the neighborhood and one person from the school for a three course meal. By climbing higher with each course they end up floating over the border that was previously seperating their two worlds. 

Do you want to book a dinner on our ladder? 
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