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I want to want to see you, installation, 2020

For this work I asked people to share 100 of their Tinder matches, resulting in a new portrait. When one piece is finished I give it back to it's owner in return for their thoughts about this new image. What is perfection? Who do you see? When did you meet? This audio is presented togheter with the portrait making it possible to fill the blurry gaps in the image with the narrative of it's owner.

With dating apps like Tinder, it is possible to swipe through a large amount of portrait images in only a matter of seconds. ‘I want to want to see you’ wants to react to this momentary way of viewing someone. For this installation 100 matches are selected from the dating app of one person. These portrait images are then printed on top of each other with an opacity of 1%. By looping the paper through the printer it becomes possible to slowly see a new portrait appear. This way, the abundance of Tinder matches is being used as an asset to establish a delay in the way we perceive someone.

Part of ‘Beauty / ?’ at KL8, Brussel

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